Parent Company Designs New Logo for Turntable

A Much Needed Glow Up

We’re excited to introduce our new logo designed by Parent Company. We're working hard to build a modern, sleek, and innovative platform that's ready for 2021, and we needed a logo to match.

Our evergreen asset features black vinyl with a smooth purple accent. This clean cut design is accompanied by colorful chrome variations of our signature t-vinyl iconography.

Creative Director, Amanda Levensohn, knew that multi-dimensional design firm Parent Company could bring her vision to life and create an original logo that would resonate across generations and demographics.

Parent Company has made a name for themselves in the design and music world, having created innovative designs, album art, and merchandise for Rina Sawayama, Dorian Electra, Alice Longyu Gao and Balenciaga to name a few.

"I knew Parent Company could match and elevate our aesthetic. Their three dimensional and colorful design work sets us apart from the lack luster tech company branding we are so used to seeing. Designers Emma Segal-Grossman, Max Schramp, and Umru Rothenberg come from architectural, music and design backgrounds. Turntable’s branding is meant to mirror and grow with the artistry and innovation happening in the underground music world today"

- Amanda Levensohn

Turntable’s First NFT

Own a 1 of 1 Edition Avatar in Turntable

To kick off Turntable Collective, Turntable is auctioning a custom-designed avatar as a 1 out of 1 edition NFT on Foundation. The avatar up for auction was created by Turntable Collective member, Cid Nguyen.

The community member that places the highest bid during the auction will own the original avatar NFT and be the only user with this avatar inside Turntable. 100% of the sale earnings will go directly to the creator, Cid Nguyen.

Cid designed 8 original avatars, so the Turntable community is going to vote for which avatar they want to see go to auction first. Creative Director, Amanda Levensohn commented, “I’m so honored and excited that creators in our community want to contribute to our universe of Turntable avatars. I plan to continuously add Turntable Collective members avatars into our collection, sell them as NFT’s, and have our creators take home 100% of sale earnings.”

TC member and avatar designer Cid shared his inspiration behind the set of 8 original avatars, “I figured these characters needed a new design that tells a story while retaining their unique style and what the community of Turntable is familiar with… I believe the main goal was to create a personality and a story within each character when you first glanced at them."

Thank you for your hard work, Cid!

Turntable's mission it to create opportunities for all types of artists to make money through our platform. This is an exciting first step.

Turntable Town Hall

Building Together

We are committed to building a product that serves our community. In order to do so, it is vital that we have a community dedicated to discussing our product, having open conversations, sharing feedback, and working together. We are excited to welcome you all to Turntable Town Hall, our very own collaborative building community!

Turntable is a big team of music lovers that are committed to delivering the product our incredible community deserves. As we continue to build TT.FM, we want the Turntable Town Hall community to be apart of our building process.

The whole team is working tirelessly to bring this vision to life as quickly as possible. We want to build something incredible with you, so we're excited to welcome you all into our process. Nothing is going to get in the way of making the all-new Turntable the best product it can be - it's made for 2021.

Turntable is made for our community and we are even stronger together. Check in here for updates and invites to buggy alpha tests!! :D

If you'd like to be part of the next Turntable Town Hall, click here to join the group on Facebook

Turntable Collective

Turntable's Creative Community

Turntable Collective (TC), is the hub of our creative community. TC is a place for creators and artists that want to make content for Turntable.

Turntable Creative Director, Amanda Levensohn, is passionate about creating opportunities for community members to create and share their art with the larger Turntable community and world.

If you're interested in creating social media content, curated playlists, avatars, copy writing, and more you're in the right place! Join our Facebook group to participate in the community and be updated on opportunities, announcements, and job postings!